Ghana’s real estate market can be divided into 3 areas: public sector real estate development, emerging private sector real estate development, and private individuals

The activities of these 3 groups are facilitated by the banks and the primary mortgage market which although at its early stages of development, has demonstrated enormous growth potential. Compared with other advanced countries, Ghana’s housing industry is at a rudimentary stage. Recent developments in the Ghanaian economy indicate a boom in the construction sector, including the housing sector.

Ghana’s property market is a direct reflection of the state of the West African nation itself in that it is emerging. The real estate market has immense potential yet it has it challenges; poor land title registration, transparency, and lack of affordable home financing solutions locally.

From an investment perspective, Ghana is an excellent property investment Opportunity. Although Ghana doesn’t immediately spring to mind for most property investors, when you look further into what Ghana has to offer, you will see that it deserves a position on anybody’s short-list. Much of the attraction comes from its tropical location and political stability that most African nations can only dream of. More people are investing in properties and the Ghana government is empowering the private sector in that direction.

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